Tombstone Massage Therapy
916 East Fremont Street
On State Hwy 80
Tombstone, AZ 85638
Phone (520) 678-3862
Dr. William Louis Gyure
Masseur Lic # 25120
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                                                               The Alternative to OPIATES          

                                                              Soothing Pain Relief Naturally  

                                           Therapeutic needs vary from person-to-person and from day-to-day.
                                          Dr. Gyure uses a combination of methods based on your specific needs.


                                         The following professional services are provided to the public

                                         Swedish Massage  Sports Massage  Senior Massage  

                        Neuralmuscular Massage    Myofacial Massage                   

               Oncology Care Therapy    Pregnacy Massage    Infant Massage                     

                                                                                         We also Specialize in:
                                                                  Headache Relief                  Injuries From Sporting Activities   
                                                                  Back and Neck Pain             Leg Pain & Sciatica


Dr. William Louis Gyure
Phone (520) 678-3862
Masseur Lic # 25120
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